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Tom ranks 11 out of 17.
NFL percentage is 4.85%

Top terms associated with 'NFL':
(out of 17 terms tested)
Best 'NFL' percentage:
Tom Brady
Tony Romo
Brady Quinn
Ben Roethlisberger
Philip Rivers
Drew Brees
Tim Tebow

Philip Rivers   84.33%
Drew Brees   81.82%
Ben Roethlisberger   77.22%
Brady Quinn   72.51%
Tom Brady   56.58%
Tim Tebow   50.12%
Tony Romo   47.81%
Concussion   29.07%
Brady   18.45%
TomBrady   15.89%
Drew   9.9%
Tony   7.13%
Tom   4.85%
Tim   4.8%
Uniform   4%
Ben   3.88%
Philip   2.57%

Raw data were obtained using a database of web pages.

  • The green column on the right shows, in ranked order, the percentage of web pages that contain the word 'NFL' out of all web pages containing the green-colored term.
  • The darker blue terms are those with high probability to appear together with the word 'NFL' on the same web page.
  • The darker red terms are those that are likely NOT to appear together with the word 'NFL' on the same web page.

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